Mental illness skews my perception of both internal and external experiences, often causing me to amplify negative feelings. I observe my coping mechanisms, such as the adornment of my body through tattoos and piercings, and an escapist engagement with the natural world. These actions provide a sense of clarity and an understanding of my belonging in the world. 
Through the adornment of my body, I replace the act of self harm, creating a new home for my soul. Through the decoration of my home, I create a space for my physical self to reside and reflect on each aspect of my personality.
In an effort to process my own perceptions and experiences, I photograph myself, the spaces I inhabit and the places I escape to. Juxtaposing clear images with those that utilize blur as a way of seeing and negotiating the world around me, I explore the effects of my emotions on conscious and subconscious experiences, documenting episodes of overwhelming melancholy and moments of peace and clarity. By reflecting on myself and the sensations I feel, I create a visual narrative of emotions that were previously intangible or invisible. 

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